Where have I been?

I’ve been very busy and yet, I haven’t really done anything much lately.

Last week was VERY busy for me at work. For once I actually had a client who was being responsive enough that I could actually use all the 40 hours they paid for in one week. So that was refreshing and I am very happy with the work that I did for him. Hopefully he is as well. I sent it to him on late Friday afternoon and have not heard back from him yet.

Other then that, I was riding every day during the week last week and trying to go to the gym after work as well. I paid for 5 hours worth of personal trainer time at the gym. I used one hour last week and we just spent the time talking about my goals and taking measurements and going over general eating health and what not. Tomorrow is my first real meeting with him to start working out. I am a little scared.

This weekend, I spent Friday night at home. Saturday I went out biking with Tal, we did a pretty fast 30 mile ride up to Malibu and back.. Basically this ride, only not as long:

We had a really fun time and chatted about a lot of random stuff. Towards the end we started talking about Constantine and Tal mentioned how they had sort of fallen apart a little and that Constantine wasn’t as “Deep” as he used to be… Which was a bit surprising when he said that because when I read Constatine’s blog (which he stopped writing in 2 years ago), it was very different sounding then the Const we know and love today and I was wondering what exactly the difference was. When Tal said that, it clicked… I brought it up with Const that night and he agreed very quickly. I’m hoping that maybe we can get to see that deep side of him again. I think we are going to start reading the same book. He’s got to pick one out first. 🙂

Anyways, I we got done riding around noon and I drove home, showered and then cleaned my apartment hard core. I’ve been a bit down since getting back from Houston, so I hadn’t done any cleaning since before I left. There were dishes everywhere and the trash was overflowing and the cats had made a messs. Anyways. I bleached everything and cleaned hard core. I also got a dining room table from the woman upstairs who was moving out. After that I just spent the night hanging out at home all alone. 🙁

I couldn’t sleep that night, so I was up till 1:30am, then I woke up again at 6:30. So I did a bunch of random stuff around the house and wrote a sale pitch type thing for my consulting to hopefully get some more business for that. Headed out to go couch shopping after that and found some that I really like, but I am not sure how my cats would do with micro-fiber on the couch. I am afraid they will get it to dirty and stuff. Also I don’t think I want to spent $800 right now on a couch. Went grocery shopping for stuff for tacos and ended up spending $150!!! Yikes!

I’ve basically decided that I am not yet ready for MBA yet. I just did not study enough for the GMAT so that I felt ready. Hopefully this summer I can study enough to do start in the spring?

Sunday night Const and I did a long video conf which was nice to get to see him again! 🙂 Can’t wait for him to come back here. He mentioned going to Russia this summer. I wish I could go with him. He said that maybe we can work something out where I could join him in Moscow for a week or something. But tickets for August are $1,400!!!

I did not sleep well again last night. But I had this really random dream about being in HS and going on a trip with the whole class, but we couldn’t get everyone on the same plane, so I pulled some strings at AA and they chartered us a whole flight. And we went to Peter Pan land. 🙂 Very random!

And that’s what’s up! I’ll try and update more!

A Slightly Annoyed Weekend

So this weekend had a few road bumps, but overall it was pretty good.

Friday, Const came over and we headed out to Sport Chalet and then Fry’s to get stuff for the trip. I still have to buy a portable alarm clock. After that I took him out to Hermosa Beach because a while back he mentioned that we’d never been there. Anyways, we got there and started walking around and I was a little annoyed by how indecisive he was being. We ended up going to this Sushi place which really wasn’t all that great and cost way to much money for what we got. Went home after that and ended up just staying in and watching TV.

Saturday we got up and headed out to Target to get some more stuff and then came home and made Lamb for lunch and watched Touch of Pink. Which was a really good movie. I highly suggest seeing it.

Const left after that and I lounged around, finished planning Europe and did some other stuff. Erick came over a for a couple minutes and a cup of Apple Cider. I just sat alone all night after that.

Got up early the next morning and drove to Santa Monica for a bike ride. Went less then a mile and my chain kept slipping off. Very annoying. Got home and found out that Erick and Const had hung out Saturday night, which was a bit annoying to me. That’s just not something you do, hanging out with a friends boyfriend without even inviting the friend. Anyways…

I spent Sunday cleaning and packing. Const came over about 5 and we went and bought wine and cheese for the dinner party. Headed over to Jason’s about 7 and we had an excellent night, till the end when Jason brought up the whole Ben thing, which put me in a sour mood. Got home about 11 and tried going to bed, but I couldn’t hardly sleep all night. So I came into work late.

Yep, that’s about it. Adios!

Trevor Hall and Other Stuff

So Thursday night I headed out of work about 2:30 and headed up to Santa Monica to meet Constantine up at the mall by his office. It took forever to get there, but traffic really wasn’t all that bad. Just a really long drive.

So I got there and we shopped around for a little bit. I bought one of the new flat apple keyboards there. I _love_ it! I would have liked to have the wireless one, but I don’t like how small it is. So I go the wired one. Which is ok, because it has 2 usb ports built in. So that’s good news. 🙂 I also love how soft the touch is.

From there we headed out to Cha Cha Cha’s It took us like an hour to go the 10 miles. lol. Damn LA traffic. Anyways, the place is really cool. They have this very funky decor. The food was good too and we got Sangria which was fun! I got Jerk Pulled Pork. It’s Fucking HOOOOTTTT! But it tastes good. I finished it for lunch Friday.

Left there and headed for The Derby to see Trevor Hall. The website said that he was supposed to start at 8 and some other guy was supposed to start at 7:30. So we get there at 7:30 and the doors are locked. So we go down the street to get Coffee Bean. Head back to the doors at 8 and they are just opening them. We get to the ticket lady and I had printed out the flyer that clearly said. “$8 W/flyer $12 without”. It didn’t say anything else about restrictions. So I hand it to her and say that I am paying for both of us. She then states that the flyer is only good for ONE PERSON. Excuse me? It doesn’t _SAY_ that anywhere! THEN! The flyer also clearly states “Free well drinks till 9pm”. So she hands us two coupons… Apparently “Free drinks” means. “One free drink”. UGH! What an annoying place.

Once we get in we find out that Trevor isn’t supposed to go on till 8:50 now. WTF? Why can’t they keep these things straight!

Anyways, the guys before him were ok. But Trevor was amazing. I enjoyed going.

Friday I worked and then came home, went to the gym for an hour to bike on a bike that I can’t crash. Then putzed around Torrance Toytota. Which had the EXACT Camery in stock that Cars Direct told me I would have to wait a month to get (If I could even get it at all, because I wanted navigation without leather). So I called Cars direct and bitched them out. And Torrance Toyota is still using the line. “Well hybrids are really hard to get your hands on.” LIARS! If you have 14 of them in stock, and Santa Monica Toyota has 50 in stock, that means they are NOT hard to get your hands on! So I walked out of there. Then today I get an email from them saying that they have a Red Prius, and they say they are willing to give me the exact price I wanted on Friday. Idiots!

Came home and did the dishes from the camping trip and then watched some TV.

Friday night we got some EXCELLENT thunderstorms and rain showers which was just great!

Saturday morning I got up and vacuumed and then got my hair cut. Constantine and I were supposed to go to the fair, but it was pooring down rain, so we went to Ikea and got lunch. Then out to one of his friends house to take pics. From there we went to The Getty. The views from there were AMAZING! You could see all the way past long beach! It was just breathtaking. You never get that clear of a day in LA!!!

Pics from the getty are here.

If every day in LA looked as pretty as it did on Saturday this place would be a lot nicer! That night we came back to my place, baked an Apple Pie and watched Fracture. It was a REALLY good movie.

Sunday we got up and made breakfast and then went to Barnes and Noble and got books about Vienna and Prague! YAY! After that we went to Home Depot and got stuff to make another giant painting! Went after that for a walk on the beach. LA was still very pretty and clear but not as nice as the day before.

Came back to my place after that and watched Shooter. Another EXCELLENT movie! Constantine left after that and I hung out at home the rest of the night.



What another great weekend with Constantine!

Friday night he came over after work and we went out to the Chicago Rib Company down the street. Very yummy food! 😀 After that we came back to my place and we watched a movie and drank some wine.

Saturday we got up and I made breakfast from the leftovers from the Rib place and then went up to Santa Monica to drop my car off at the mechanic for the girl. The guys working there were crazy. Went new car shopping at the Santa Monica Honda dealer and test drove an Accord.

Headed off to see Wicked after that. It was AMAZING! We were 8 rows back from the stage, right in the center! Best seats I’ve ever been in!!! The play was GREAT too. I highly suggest you go and see it. We headed back to Santa MOnica after that and ate at Panera Bread. Then back to my place where we hung out the rest of the night.

Sunday Constantine left to go rock climbing with friends and I stayed home and did some work. I took a nap from noon-6. Watched some TV and then went to bed at 10. I’ve been SOO tired lately!

My fingers hurt today and I can’t really type very well. Ugh.

Found lots of neat stuff on the internet this weekend:

Do you know what GoatSe is? If not.. Click here (NSFW!!!). Anyways, this is a really cool thing of people’s reactions of seeing GoatSe for the first time.

See the moon turn RED!

20 Fresh and free icon sets!

George Carlin’s New Rules for 2007. Very funny!

Turn your handwriting into a font!

Find autos near by!

My Clean Floors

Well, my life hasn’t been all that interesting…

Friday I went out to WeHo with Constantine, Jason and Steve. We had an entertaining time. Came home early.

Saturday I got up and cleaned my floors. Like Rugdoctor and all. They feel nice under my feet now. It was really gross while I was doing it. Just inside my front door I have a beige colored carpet. Well, you could see like a night and day difference between where I had cleaned and where I hadn’t. Gross! Also did my car, which was like mud because I haven’t ever shampooed it in the 7 years I’ve had it. It’s very nice and pretty now.

After that I put a for sale sign up in my car. So if anyone wants to buy a 2000 Saturn with 127k miles on it, give me a call!

That night I just lounged around the house.

Sunday I got up and got my oil changed and did some other random stuff. Then met up with a client at Panera Bread in Santa Monica. I love that place!

My sandal broke while we were there!! 🙁 Went home after that and spent the rest of the evening in bed because I had a splitting headache.

Monday I had to work from home because the plumber was coming “sometime between 8 and 5”. Seriously! That’s what he said. Any guesses as to when he got there? Oh, that’s right 4:30! Asswipe. Anyways, my toilet was leaking like crazy on Saturday, and he couldn’t get there till Monday. So I turned off the water and just left it all weekend. Well of course when he got there it wouldn’t leak for him! 🙁

He did bring his grandson though who was FUCKING HOT! Oh my god. In other news, my toilet is falling through the floor. So they are saying they may have to tear the whole floor in the bathroom out!! I just hope he brings back the hottie!

Been chatting with Constantine every night while he’s on his trip. Making me so jealous that I couldn’t go! 🙁 They were in Montana last night. It’s nice because he tells me about his day, the way that I like to hear about it. Very detailed. 🙂 haha. I remember when Andrew and I were dating it took forever to get him to tell me about his day!

Speaking of Andrew, his last few days in cali are upon us, and it’s been really bugging the shit out of me that he just threw away all the time we had together. I’m just re-hashing shit that’s already been said. But I just still can’t believe he would toss out our friendship like that. Ugh. It’s also been bugging me that Jason has been hanging out with Ben again. What’s wrong with me that all these guys feel they can just toss me to the curb? God, what happened to the days of being so in love

I’m out.