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  • Free iMAC!

    My co-worker Oscar is giving away a brand new iMac computer to a student age 14-19. He is having a writing contest in which participants will be judged on their essay, news, or op. ed. piece. For more information please visit the official site. Good luck.

  • Drivers from HELL Day!

    Ok, today must be drive like an idiot day or something! I left for work about an hour later then normal and it started off just a few blocks from my house. Some stupid bitch was blabing on her cell phone instead of going through the green light. Holding up all of the traffic. Then […]

  • Unmotivational!

    I’ve been very unmotivated lately to really do anything. I’ve had a string of bad/annoying clients lately with the whole freelance thing, so that’s put me off. I seriously cannot believe how stupid some of these people are. IE: one guy was bitching because i sent him a link to his site that didn’t have […]

  • American Airlines SUCKS!

    You will not believe the story I am about to tell you. I left LA at Noon on Thursday…. I got to my parents house at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon.. Where have I been you ask? Well, lets start at the begining. Got on the plane with no problems in LA, flew to Dallas and […]

  • Car Shopping

    Sooo, everyone knows I’ve been car shopping. I have been doing that for like the last 2-3 years! Well I’ve been at it again. It seems that everyone I know has either already gotten a new car, or is looking at getting one. And they all have WAY newer cars then mine already! So I […]