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  • Free iMAC!

    My co-worker Oscar is giving away a brand new iMac computer to a student age 14-19. He is having a writing contest in which participants will be judged on their essay, news, or op. ed. piece. For more information please visit the official site. Good luck.

  • Gays and Financial Planning

    So, this past weekend my mom bought a new iMac for the family computer… GO HER! But, she’s not telling my dad about it till the credit card bill comes. This was brought up between Constantine and I while we were driving somewhere this weekend. I mean, does that really seem like the right way […]

  • Loneliness and Technology

    Forty year old Joyce Vincent had been lying dead in her London apartment for two straight years before the badly decomposed body was discovered by her landlord in April 2006. The story, quietly tucked away in British newspapers, profoundly upset readers around the world who saw her isolation as a failing of modern communities. As […]

  • Screw you Cancer!

    You might be on edge in your closest relationships as the love planet moves through sensitive Cancer. Normally you like a bit of emotional detachment — just enough to give you some breathing room. Now, however, the object of your love may be too clingy and this can make you irritable. This phase only lasts […]

  • Private: Confusion of life

    Ok this is going to be a tell all entry that may have lots of things in it that people don’t want to hear, so that is the fair warning to everyone. So the other night we went out to the Boom. I ended up in the underwear contest again and that was ok, I […]