My Life

July 26, 2001

July 26, [Lifehouse, "Everything"]

Ok, for me going to bed is a time for the day to catch up with my brain,

it’s when everything that happened that day hits me. It’s a time for me

to think about what’s been happening in my life, and about where my life

is going. Last night wasn’t a good night for that. I went to bed and everything

from Adam and my conversation just hit me. I lost him. And that really hurt

last night. Then I got to thinking about other things. Work, my social life,

school, my parents, everything. Just not good times. For the first time

in a long time, suicide was on my mind again. I was really depressed yesterday,

and I still kinda am. But, I think with time, things will get better.

find me here

speak to me

i want to feel you

i need to hear you

you are the light

that is leading me

to the place where

i find peace again

you are the strength

that keeps me walking

you are the hope

that keeps me trusting

you are the life to my soul

you are my purpose

you are everything

and how can i

stand here with you

and not be moved by you

would you tell me

how could it be

any better than this

you calm the storms

you give me rest

you hold me in your hands

you won’t let me fall

you still my heart

and you take my breath away

would you take me in

would you take me deeper now

’cause you’re all i want

you are all i need

you are everything


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