My Life

July 27, 2001

July 27, [Bon Jovi, "I’d Die For You"]

Well tonight’s been really good. I went over to Wal-Mart about 9 or so

and hung out there tell Julian got off. When he got off, we went downtown

to Java Joe’s and just talked. It was nice to just go out one night and

just to hang out and talk. Not to have the problems that a large group creates

about everyone wanting to go somewhere else. It was also nice to just have

a night where nothing was really bothering me. Where I could just talk to

him about anything and everything, even though I didn’t really. It was nice

to know that I could. We just had a general conversation about life in general

and different things. It was really good. It kept my mind off everything

else in life that’s been bringing me down lately. After Java Joe’s we went

to his house (and no, we didn’t go through the gay loop at all, thanks).

There we just hung out and got some food. His mom makes good Cole Slaw.

In general tonight’s been really good. I wish I could have more nights like

this. I wish I had a bf right now, so I could spend time with him. A night

like this would have been a good bf night.

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