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  • iLife ’09

    So I’ve had iLife ’09 for about a week now and have been using it heavily. About the only 2 things I use in this though are iPhoto and iMovie. Both of which are a HUGE improvement over what was previously there. However, iPhoto is missing a TON of features. Very SLOW! – Faces and […]

  • San Diego and Climbing!

    Ugh. I can’t believe that it’s already Oct 20th! Where is this year going!??! This weekend was another busy busy weekend! Friday night was a dinner party. Our first one in a while. It was just Steve, Jason and I for a while, then these two girls showed up. The one girl was fun, the […]

  • iPhone Experience

    Sooo. I had an iPhone in my HANDS last night! I was just SECONDS away from getting one. I get to the Apple store at 4:45. There’s no sign out front that says they are sold out. So I ask. She has says that they have 16gig whites left. Exactly what I want! And there’s […]

  • Kayaking and iPhones!

    This past weekend was very very busy. Friday I went out with Jason at lunch and we made the trek over to the Apple store. The line was insanely long, so we didn’t stay. That night after work I drove by again and it was STILL crazy long. I figured after the first iPhone launch […]

  • Mail.App is Confused!!!!

    Ok, so my company recently changed from hosting our own email to using the gmail. It’s been a great switch over and nothing has gone horribly wrong. I still get my mail! But some strange things have been happening with Apple Mail.app if I leave it open for long periods of time (Which I always […]