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  • Sedona and the Grand Canyon

    Soooo, what a weekend! I flew out of work at 3pm on Friday and headed for the airport, the flight into Phoenix was right on time, excellent flight, no problems or anything! Got my rental car and headed out for Sedona. After driving through lots of random construction and lots of winding back roads I […]

  • iPhone Experience Part 2

    So I’ve had my iPhone for a little over a week now… Here’s how I feel about it 1) It freezes! Sometimes it’ll just freeze up for a few minutes and pushing the top button once or twice will get it back. However, last Friday, and then again yesterday it completely froze, white screen! Would […]

  • It’s been awhile!

    I know. I’ve been sucking at updating! But I’ve just been so damn busy with life and shit! You have no idea. Last week was crazy. Not home pretty much every night of the week. My cats are lonely! My house is a mess, my laundry needs to be done and I need sleep! Friday […]

  • iPhone Experience

    Sooo. I had an iPhone in my HANDS last night! I was just SECONDS away from getting one. I get to the Apple store at 4:45. There’s no sign out front that says they are sold out. So I ask. She has says that they have 16gig whites left. Exactly what I want! And there’s […]