iPhone Experience

Sooo. I had an iPhone in my HANDS last night! I was just SECONDS away from getting one.

I get to the Apple store at 4:45. There’s no sign out front that says they are sold out. So I ask. She has says that they have 16gig whites left. Exactly what I want! And there’s NO LINE! So I walk right in, the guy goes to the back and gets it. Comes out and we go through the activation process. We enter my billing address and all that then my phone number to port it. Get to the next screen and it says “This number cannot be ported in this region”. So I call AT&T and the Apple store guy calls AT&T.

The AT&T people tell me that because I am in the Central market they cannot port the number to the PAC market! Very annoying! So we try scirting the system. I give the Apple store guy all my Iowa information, since I can still get bills there. Then it says that the address is not found! How can my PARENTS HOME ADDRESS not be found. We have lived there for 15 YEARS! I know my fucking address. So then I give him the only other Iowa address that I know, and it says that the address does not have AT&T service! UGH! So then we call AT&T AGAIN! This time they tell me that I can go into the AT&T store and they can transfer the number. WTF! If they can do it IN THE STORE, why can SHE NOT DO IT ON THE PHONE!

It should not be this hard to fucking get an iPhone. First I should not have had to wait OVER A MONTH to even get my HANDS on one and secondly I should not have to go into the fucking store to get a phone! So now my damn iPhone is on order from the store and I have to wait another 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS to get my fucking phone! UGH!

I hate you AT&T already!

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