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3500 Lines

Coming in at just under 3,500 lines of code. I am officially done with the HARD coding of this stupid timesheet project.

I estimate another 1,000 lines of code will be added. And once I get around to it, about 1,000 more will be cut.

So i think the final project will be right about what it’s at now, 3,500 lines.

Pretty good for me. I usually get sick of such things.

Last night was lots of fun, yesterday day was hellish.

I was horribly tired, but it was too loud for me to sleep. So I couldn’t. Went to some girls house and watched this crazy movie… Something about 9 dead gay guys… I slept through most of it.

I disapprove of some of the girls there… Something about driving around drunk, fleeing the scene, and stealing shit from people lawns. Yeah, not the type of people I associate myself with much.

But either way it was fun. CAme home about 10ish and slept tell 4 this morning when I got up and came to work. Now I should get to leave in another hour or two. Hopefully one hour, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Really looking forward to this weekend’s SD pride. I can’t wait! I just wish we were getting a hotel so that we won’t have to drive home late.

Also found a 15gb BRAND NEW iPod on sale for $200. I really want an iPod and I feel that $200 is a good price to pay for one, but it’s still 3rd Gen. I really want to get a 4th Gen, and I REALLY want a 40Gig. Because once I put all my music that I have on the 15Gb…. Well all my music won’t FIT on the 15gb.

I’ll have to think about it.

Also on the agenda to think about is having more money then I know what to do with. Honestly. I’ve gone from making about $800 a month, to making twice that every two weeks. I’ll break $7,000 grand in savings by mid-August. I’ve NEVER had that much saved in my life!

I’ve been thinking about getting a new car about my b-day time, while. I’d like to hold off tell b-day time next year, but my car has been acting up. So I’ll have to see about that.

Laters all.

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