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The Big Show!

So Friday we went to the Big Show for Charles Phoenix. It was really funny… But getting there was not so much.

First off. You can have a picnic there. So I emailed Ben early in the day to see if he wanted to do that or grab something before hand. He never replied. So I didn’t cook the picnic stuff that I had bought and what not. So I get to his place and ask him what he wants and he says he doesn’t care. So whatever. We drive all the way to Hollywood and he hardly says a word all the way there. So I get really grumpy and what not. We stop at Ralphs and get food and then go to the theater. During supper we hardly talk. We go in and sit down and we don’t really say anything. Ugh. What is going on here.

The show itself was great! We saw Cybill Shepherd there and she was singing the Hokey Pokey. Drunko! This site has an interesting story about the night.

Saturday I woke up sick and sat on the couch all day. Sunday I was still sick and sat on the couch all day as well. UGH!

I can’t be sick right now! I have to be out training for this fucking ride!!

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