Fires, Fires EVERYWHERE! – Griffith and Catalina!

Jokes: 1973 vs. 2007

My my my.. This week has been busy!

First off, I had this HUGE project at work just kinda dropped in on Monday. Pretty much everyone in the office was working on it in one way or another. Thankfully my part kept getting dwindled down because other aspects of the programming we’re taking over stuff that I was going to have to work on. So by the end of the week my part was actually pretty simple. But it still took tons of time to do. Next week we start the testing. Hopefully that all goes well.

On top of that, I went out EVERY NIGHT this week! OMG.

Monday Ben met up with me at my place. I had planned on us going to HT grill and then to Sirin’s performance, but he didn’t get there till late so we just headed straight over to the play. It was pretty good. Not exactly what I had planned. It was just 6 short stories basically each one was just one or two actors. But it was really funny. She did this GREAT southern accent!

Tuesday I headed up to Ben’s about 5 and found a GREAT new way to get there that’s so much faster then the 405 during rush hour traffic. The only problem is that ONE idiot driving 15mph could really fuck things up. So I got there really early because of the new route. We hung out for a while and then headed to Hollywood. Again we were there about an hour early so we went to get coffee and had a nice talk. After that we saw Jon McLaughlin. Who is just AMAZING! I highly suggest you do purchase his newest Album on iTunes!! We stood right next to the stage and it was great!

Plus he’s really hot:

Jon McLaughlinJon McLaughlin

We also saw Jon Voight there. I had no idea who he was when Ben said his name, but once I actually saw him I knew exactly who he was! Crazyness.

There were also HUGE fires in Griffith park that night. You can check out the Griffith Fire pics at my photodump. However, just like the last fire, I couldn’t get to the fire to take pics, so these are just a collection from other people. It really ruined the nice clear days we’ve been having around here lately. But the sunset was very pretty because of it.

Wed night we headed back up to WeHo for BINGO at H Mary’s. It was tons of fun and I won a game! 🙂 I got a Desperate Housewives gift set thing. It even included a Poker set that was only given to the cast of the show!! Too bad I really don’t like that show. If only Andrew talked to me, I’d give it to him. But since he clearly doesn’t, I’ll be selling it on Ebay.

Thursday I went out on a lunch time ride with Nick. That was fun.. It was a quick 12 miles we did in about 45 minutes.

After that I met up with my Realtor again and we looked at a few places. She’s such a stupid bitch. She had no idea where she was going and what not. We spent a ton of time just trying to find them once we got into the complexes as well. One of them has potential. But the rest were crap. Too many dirty nasties living there. My guess is that people own the condos and then rent them out to whoever. Erick came over later that night and we hung out ant talked and watched Scrubs. Fun times.

On another topic for the moment. I was browsing my friends myspace pages the other day because I was bored. I usually don’t do this very much. I just read messages people send me and search for hot boys I meet IRL. Either way. I noticed that Jason’s top 8 contains Ben… Now, normally this wouldn’t really matter. But WTF? Ok, so Jason and Ben only know each other because of ME! Jason has known Ben almost 3 months. I have known Jason for nearly a year. Ben has met many of Jason’s friends. I have yet to meet a single one of them. And now Ben is in Jason’s top 8 and I am not?! WTF! Grrr.

Also on Thursday fire broke out on Catalina island! There have been fires all over the LA area this week. It’s been crazy and horrible for the air quality. Although sunsets/rises have just been breath taking all week. Be sure to check out the pics on the photo dump of the fires and of the sunsets/rises!.

Tonight I am heading up to Hollywood with Ben. Yet again! Tonight is the BIG SHOW for Charles Phoenix. It should be really fun. If only we were still dating it’d be a million times better! Cooking, under the stars and a picnic! What boy wouldn’t want me after planning things like this! Apparently most of them!

Ok. Well it’s time for me to go home!!!

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