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  • Rustic Canyon Nazi Camp – Winona Stephens Complex

    This past weekend Constantine and I explored a few different areas of abandoned LA. First we went to the Griffith Park Old LA Zoo. On Sunday we went to the Rustic Canyon Nazi Camp up in Pacific Palisades. In the early 1930’s Winona Stephens, a heir to a mining fortune created the Murphy Ranch on […]

  • Old LA Zoo – Griffith Park

    This past weekend, Constantine and I set out to go exploring a few different abandoned areas of Los Angeles, we started out with the one we thought would be the easiest to find and sure enough it was. The Old LA Zoo first opened in Griffith Park in 1913, the zoo didn’t do very good […]

  • A LONG Weekend!

    Oh my god… This weekend, I DROVE… All over hell. Over 450 miles this weekend alone. What craziness. So Friday, I got home from work and headed up to Santa Monica to hang out with this guy Dan. Who had an amazing DVD/CD collection. I went through all his DVD’s and that took about an […]

  • Fires, Fires EVERYWHERE! – Griffith and Catalina!

    Jokes: 1973 vs. 2007 My my my.. This week has been busy! First off, I had this HUGE project at work just kinda dropped in on Monday. Pretty much everyone in the office was working on it in one way or another. Thankfully my part kept getting dwindled down because other aspects of the programming […]

  • BlockBuster

    So this weekend has been pretty busy. Saturday I got up at 6am, and headed up to Griffith Park. It was FREEZING there. I really have to get a long sleeve jersey. Met a lot of really nice people, although mostly older. But still very nice. They said there was over 300 people. Saw a […]