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You… Leave me alone

3 months ago, you walked out of my life without even so much as a goodbye. So why are you still coming here? I’m sick of going and looking at my statisitics page and seeing your IP, the same one you submitted the BF application with. I’m sick of seeing you there, I’m tired of biking and wondering if I’ll run into you in Marina Del Raye, I’m tired of having to avoid 3rd street, because I know you’re there all the time. Ugh! Pick up the damn phone and call, or stop coming here.

In other news. This week has been long. I’ve waking up between 3-4am every morning, then when the alarm goes off I just don’t want to get up. Work has been frustrating. I’ve been working out and cooking.

I re-did the webserver last night. It’s now RAID spanning, so it’s got a total of 180gigs of space. Whooooopy! Already 60% full. I need to buy bigger drives, but I’ve spent all my money on way to much other stuff. MythFrontEnd finially works on my Mac though. So that’s tons of fun. However wireless can’t push enough data. 🙁 I was expecting the Software RAID to slow down the amount of data it can push out, but it still manages a good 11mb/s.

This weekend.. Well tonight I’m obvsiouly just sitting in my apartment. Gotta love that. Tomorrow morning is a 40 mile ride around Griffith Park. Perhaps helping Austin move in the afternoon, if he still needs help. And Sunday I have a business meeting.

I _really_ want to get out to WeHo this weekend, but I just don’t think I can fit it in. I also want to get there for the 31st, but I’m working in Newport that day and have a meeting early the next morning and late on Wed night.. The one Wed night is in Weho.


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