So this weekend has been pretty busy. Saturday I got up at 6am, and headed up to Griffith Park. It was FREEZING there. I really have to get a long sleeve jersey. Met a lot of really nice people, although mostly older. But still very nice. They said there was over 300 people. Saw a few really cute boys, but didn’t say anything to them.

The ride started off really slow. I was kinda torwards the back and was doing about 10mph. I got tired of that after a while and started passing people. Ended up averaging a little over 15mph. One person got hurt though and there was an ambulance and stuff. That sucked.

Got home from that and headed down to Newport to help austin and gang unpack. The boy he’s replacing was UBER sexy! We all had a good time. I drove Austin back to Long Beach and then came home. Stopped at Kohls and picked up a really cute spoon holder. I’ve been needed one of those since like 4 years ago. I also bought a few other things.

Stopped at Blockbuster to rent a movie…. Since when has it been $5 a freaking MOVIE!? That is ridiculous! I suppose now that’s an even better reason to sign up for Netflix or something. I mean for $5.99 a month you could get up to 4 movies. Who knows.

Sunday I had meetings all day. Very annoying, but that’s what one has to do, I suppose.

Monday I got up at 3:30am and came into the new office. It’s not as nice as the old one, but it’ll do. I _hate_ where my new desk is at. It will suffice.

[private]WARNING TMI: I’ve been VERY gassy for like the last two weeks. It smells like a rotten egg. It’s HORRIBLE. I also haven’t gone poop in nearly a whole week. Something is wrong![/private]


2 responses to “BlockBuster”

  1. $3.99 here to rent from Blockbuster. Your price is how much it costs to get into a movie here. Wow, what a rip off.

  2. OMG. I went to the movies yesterday with Chiba.. $20 for the two of us, plus another $10 for a small popcorn and a small water!

    Why hasn’t anyone sued for price-fixing or something in the theaters, specially for popcorn and the like?

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