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Last night I rode from RB to Venice. First time going that far. Usually I stop in MDR. I felt like I was going to die… I think it was because of the cold. I really have to get some arm/leg warmers. I averaged about 15mph though, which isn’t bad for how I was feeling.

Last night was Halloween. I went up to the store about 6ish and they had closed off the Riveria Villiage area and were having this HUGE trick-or-treat thing… Oh to be a kid again! Yet again I didn’t get to WeHo for the crazyness there. I really wanted to go. Everyone I asked said they weren’t going, so I wasn’t going to go alone!

Have I mentioned that I’m working @ 3:30 every day this week? SUCKS!

Went out to lunch with Andrew yesterday as well. It was good to see him again. It’s been way to long.

Bob Barker is quiting The Price is RIGHT! NOOOOOOO! :'(

I was flipping through chanels last night and came across an interview with Ann Coulter. I wanted to shoot this woman! She was just being completely ridiculous. She made it out that this whole Foley thing was that he “asked him what he wanted for his birthday” and that was it! I’ve never watched or really read about this woman. But now I see why everyone hates her…. On the other hand, I will have to say that I agreed with her on ONE point. That all these tax loop holes should be thrown out and there should be a flat tax, it’s there to raise money, not to promote “correct” social behavoir.

The Seven Phases of Owning an iPod. I’m in Phase 6!

I’m tired. Later!

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The only problem with the flat tax is that it gives politicians no way to bribe voters. That’s why no party out there seriously tries to get it through.

A flat income tax is good, but I actually prefer a “flat” sales (because all % of sales taxes are flat) tax. The advantage is that it reduces even further the number of entities filing forms, it pulls out lots of underground income and it discourages consumption (which encourages investment). The disadvantage I see is that it leaves us without a facility for a negative income tax, that is a subsidy of the very poor — essentially what you have now for everyone who makes less than a certain amount a year (you actually get back more than you have withheld).

I agree that a flat sales tax is probably the better way to go. However, as you said, this will never really happen. The same with Campaign Fundraising Reform.

Like you said, if they fix the broken system they can’t make tons of money! It’s just sickening.

Again, a revolution would be nice! haha. But who’s gonna do that?

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