Women Managers

Yesterday started at 3:30am, it ended at 10:30pm. Today started at 3:30am, I’ll be lucky if it ends before 10:30pm. Friday Starts at 3:30am.. You can bet it’ll be ending by 6pm!

So yesterday was a day of 150 miles, 4 hours in the car and never leaving the LA area. Started out at home, drove to NB, worked, drove to SM for a meeting, worked out (after getting lost trying to find the gym!), drove to WeHo, shopped at Borders for a bit, then a meeting for LifeCycle.

The meeting was ok, I didn’t really learn anything I didn’t already know, but the main point of going was to try and socialize. I finially met my Cycling buddy which was good. She’s from Chicago, so that was cool to talk with another mid-westerner. Bike ride this saturday probably. I just can’t find one that I feel comfortable joining. There are 3 beginner rides, and then one 40 mile advanced ride. I’m not sure I fit into that category yet. But I’m sure not a beginner!!

Spending the week working the HD, I’ve decided that I _hate_ the female managers here. They are all VERY mico-management styles and it’s REALLY annoying. I really don’t need you e-mailing me 5 times a day asking for updates on a ticket. When there’s an update. I’ll fucking send it to you!

Ok. I have stuff to do! Adios.

2 responses to “Women Managers”

  1. Hellllloooooooooo

    why do you think my last job only lasted 3 mos.. because the manager, who had to sit like directly behind me.. was constantly listening in on phone calls, overseeing tickets… ugh just SOoooo wwrong

  2. Ugh, they are SO annoying. I was in a meeting with some female business person the other day, NON work related. And she was StILL over bearing and annoying. UGH

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