Dr. Laura and Politics!

I know I’ve talked about Dr. Laura here before. But lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Talk Radio . It seems like I’m always in the car when she’s on. I like some of her advice, but some of it is just OVER THE TOP.

For example, this guy called in today and was asking her which of two jobs to take. Job 1, he works late (9pm) 6 days a week. But he’s home every night, sees his kids every morning, etc. Job 2, pays more, but he travels 5 days a week. Thus he doesn’t see his kids at all for those 5 days, but it means he gets 2-3 days off in a row (depending how his travel schedule works out). First.. Dr Laura seems enraged that he would EVEN consider taking a job in which he’s not home for dinner! How DARE he want to provide for his family by taking a job that he needs! WAKE UP Dr Laura, not EVERYONE can get a cushy 9-5 job. Some people have to work odd or off hours to be able to provide for thier family. At least he’s WORKING and doing something… But honestly, someone who needs to call into a radio show to be told which job to take is just an idiot anyways.

Another example, this guy called in. His wife wants him to THROW away everything from his previous relationships. Including his pictures, keep sakes, etc. This is just stupid. if the woman isn’t comfortable letting him keep things from his past, then she clearly has trust issues and needs to get over those before they get married. If anyone EVER asked me to get rid of the stuff I have from Adam, Andrew or anyone else I would be PISSED. Ugh. It was just annoying.

Last example, I swear! 🙂 A woman called in. She’d been dating this guy for 1 and a half years. Been married for a year and a half. So 3 years together total. The guy cheated on her. Dr. Laura acted like it was HER FAULT that he cheated on her! HER FAULT. Excuse me? It’s the GUYS fault that he cheated!

I disapprove of most of her advise.

I’m also really annoyed that SOO much media time is being spend on this damn priest scandal. (They should call it priestgate! hahah) Who cares what he did. Just investigate and get over it. There’s a lot more interesting news going on that SHOULD be reported at this time with elections so damn close!

And lastly. Watched the Colbert Report, and he intervied this guy who is a republican running for senate in Beverly Hills.. (David Nelson Jones) when they first showed him, I could have SWORN it was that guy, the one we dislike, from Santa Monica.. You know his name! 🙂 Fuck he’s HOT though!

2 thoughts on “Dr. Laura and Politics!”

  1. Dr. Laura=evil. Seriously-the woman is just awful. And she’s mean-can you imagine her talking to a suicidal person. “You moron-what kind of idiot want to kill themselves. You should be shot!”

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