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  • Michigan and Florida… SHOVE IT!

    I was watching CNN today and they had this big long debate about what should be done about Michigan and Florida’s primaries. Ok… THEY CHOSE to have the primaries EARLY and they KNEW that the votes would NOT be included in the delegates. What’s the confusion here? So now, there’s all this debating going on […]

  • Obama Wins Iowa!

    Good job Iowa… with the whole Obama thing. Not so much on the Huckabee…. WTF were you thinking? I’m glad that Obama won there and that Hillary was in second, although if things continue like this, that probably means Hillary would be vice-president… Anyways, I really don’t like that woman, I don’t want to see […]

  • Line-Item Veto

    Ok, why are Republicans so stupid!… “The Senate’s high-profile ethics and lobbying reform bill was sidetracked yesterday after conservatives voted against further consideration of the bill because it didn’t include an amendment giving President Bush line-item veto power, the ability to single out individual spending items in legislation for elimination. Umm, last I checked Line-Item […]

  • Verizon Contract Changes

    So. I talked to the Verizon people and they are NOT changing the costs to people who CURRENTLY have a TXT messaging option on the plan they have. I do sadly, so it means that I can’t get out of the contract on the material change issue. However, they ARE upping the prices on International […]

  • Dr. Laura and Politics!

    I know I’ve talked about Dr. Laura here before. But lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Talk Radio . It seems like I’m always in the car when she’s on. I like some of her advice, but some of it is just OVER THE TOP. For example, this guy called in today and […]