Verizon Contract Changes

So. I talked to the Verizon people and they are NOT changing the costs to people who CURRENTLY have a TXT messaging option on the plan they have. I do sadly, so it means that I can’t get out of the contract on the material change issue. However, they ARE upping the prices on International TXT messages, so all you International people send me a txt so that I can complain about that and get out of the contract! hahaha. J/k, please don’t txt me from ot of the country! I went ahead and just changed my TXT plan from the $2.99/250 message plan to the Unlimited IN + 500 messages plan which is only $10 a month. If only I could go back to last month and apply it then!

I ended up just spending all day Sunday on the couch. It felt nice and yet lonely. I made Chicken and Rice which was amazing and then Jello for desert! Yumm!

Next weekend I really wanna escape somewhere for a camping trip.. Anyone game?

I love that the news sites are now directly quoting Bush.. “Quite the contrary. My spirits are strong, and I’m– I’m– I’m– I’m blessed to be the president,” he said.

[private]Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but Mayko randmly txted me last night saying “I am making some tea with my cute present and telling my roommate’s gf that you gave it to me”… And the point of that is? lol And then later said that he would invite me over to have some tea this week… Boys.[/private]

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