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So people recently have been overly bitchy, eh. Just everyone in general. But whatever.

It’s Friday and Nazanin’s gone. I’ve come into the possesion of a 1927 Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook. I’m excited.

Last night was fun as hell. Everyone’s getting Live Journal’s now… It’s exciting. So yeah, if I’ve missed you in adding to my reading list, e-mail me and I’ll get you up there. Like everyone and thier brother was down town last night, including every fcking hot boi in the state. So yeah. It was nice.

Not much really going on. There were only 5 people in my class today. The prof was like, “Oh well” and just went on teaching. I’m glad I went today too cause she covered alot of stuff that were going to need to know to do the next program. WE also got extra credit so it was nice.

I want to go swimming tonight. But I don’t know if we are going to get too. I’m also really excited about my new book. I bet it’s worth like $3000. I’ve been thinking about selling off all my BSA books / patches. I could probably get like about $5,000 out of them all, I’ve got some rare patches. Hell I’ve got 6 Ghost patches from the SD council. Each one of those usually goes for like $100

I’m going SQLing now. Laters all!

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