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Another Week! End.

So there’s one more week before I move into my apartment and I’m totaly stressing. I mean. My room looks like a tornado hit it, my closet rod broke, so now I have it being supported by two trunks in the middle of the room so that my shirts aren’t on the floor. I have absolutely NOTHING packed, I must get to work on that soon!

This weekend’s been good though. Adam and I hung out here Friday night, we were going to go swimming, but there was bad lightning so we didn’t. James was also supposed to come over and swim, but he didn’t. So Adam and I watched K-PAX, the dumbest movie I’ve seen in a while. Gwar! I took him home about 1:30 or so.

Saturday I got up at 8 and washed, waxed, vacummed and just did everything to my car. It looks all pretty now. Then my mom and I went shopping. We got some things, but I still have a TONE to purchase. Gwar at this. My bank account is sooo empty this month. Fuckin’ shit.

My mom and I got done shopping at 6, so then I went over to Adam’s and we hung out tell James got there, and Adam’s sister left. We had to make sure she wasn’t slutty. Once everything was good, we all went to the PORN STORE! I’ve been there so much lately, it’s scary. Dusting Miller called us while we were in there shopping. We didn’t answer cause we thought it would be kinda strange if we had. lol. WE got porn and went back to Adam’s house to watch it, which we did. Very amusing. After the porn we went back to my house and swam. Then we watched the first episode of QaF UK. After which we went to bed… James and Adam both spent the night.

We got up about noon today. James left and Adam and I showered and cleaned things up. After that we took the porn back and then went back to his house where we hung out tell 5:30. He has to work tonight from 7-9 and I’m going to hopefully pack shit….

So I’m off to do that now. Laters all.

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