My Life

Mad Packing

So there’s been much mad packing lately… Not as much as hoped. But there’s been mad packing. So tonight’s going to be some more mad packing, and then… Then it’s time.

Tonight I met up with Adam at his house, and we called James. We met up with him at the mall and he purchesed much shit. We then went to his house to get more money from his mom, he has a G4. I hate you, James! I love G4’s, I want one sooo badly.

And that’s been my night.

Today at work was alright. I took my rolling desk into the server room and hid in there all day, Nazanin didn’t bother me once and I got much work done. It was good times. We also got the new tape drive in, 10Gb per hour. It’s SWEET!

I’m out!

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