My Life


So what’s been going on in Chris’ life lately, I hear you asking….

Well to tell you the truth, not much.

Yesterday I spent the day in the server room on the phone with Dell and working on COBOL. Gwar

Julian picked my up about 1:30 and we went an purchased book. Much shit when down there… When I got back to work I call the manager and complained about it all. Gwar.

After work I met Adam at my house and he watched me pack whilst waiting for James to get there. Once James FINALLY got there we went swimming… See, I told you not much has been going on.

Today I woke up about 1:00 this morning with a stuffed up nose and I couldn’t breathe, so I laid in bed tell I finally fell asleep again at about 3ish. Then I woke up again at 6:30 and stayed up tell I had to leave for school.

I take possesion of my apartment today, so that’s exciting, Adam should be here sometime soon hopefully as well to hang out with me at work.

This morning in my class the prof bitched about how the evals she just got back were stupid and then she went on to teach… She kept trying to say synonym but kept saying cinnamon. It was funny.

Sorry for the lame ass post. Laters

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