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All Grow’d Up.

So I’m all grow’d up now…

Last night Adam, James and I all went swimming after everyone went to the club. Adam left about 1:30 and James was getting ready to leave when he fell sick. So he spent the night.

My parents got us up about 8 this morning… James left and I started packing shit into the truck and my car… We were all packed and had everything moved up here and unpacked by 11:00. It was insance packing….. Perhaps we have MAD PACKING SKILLS! lol

They left shortly after everything was unpacked and I started aranging. Adam came up about 2 and he hung out and helped do things. My mom fianlly showed up again about 2:30 and we all left to shop!!!

Yay for parents and shopping. We went to Target and got a SHIT load of stuff that I needed yet. Then we went to Sams Club… I’d never been there before, so that was quite the adventure. lol. We got lots of overly large things. Good times…. I now have some food to last me a while…. Only $600 later.

So now Adam’s here and we’re eating supper… I don’t have a pizza cutter. Damnit. After that we’re going back to his house and calling James to watch some movies or something. La!

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Handy pizza cutting tip from your cousin-the domestic goddess-

You can use scissors to cut you pizza into nice uniform slices.(preferebly big kitched shears, but really you limited only by your imagination here)

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