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Welcome… Well this is the new layout… Basics of it at least. Colors might change. It’s still a little too happy/cheery for me.

The theme is called “Love and Loneliness” So yeah. You can figure that shit out.

I’d really like to know what the hell is going on at my apartment complex during the day. Today I came out and the “Fag” comment on my car had been whipped off. I wonder if it was some parent who didn’t want the children to see it, or if one of the kids did it. Who knows for sure.

Yeah, nothing much else going on around here… I also added all the poems from what I had long time ago. So yeah.

Later all.

Edit:// I forgot to mention that Moto announced the new RazrBerry… This WILL be my next cell phone.. Unless it gets horrible reviews. But it’s SO PRETTY!

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it looks a little gay (as in cheery..haha..sorry) but it’s awesome. i like the second picture from the left the most.. there’s just something about it, i can’t put my figner on it.

It is a little gay (as in cheery) hence why I want to come up with new colors… So for now it’s just the basic white/black.

I was thinking something along dark red, but then that’s too much like the old color scheme. So I’m not sure what I want to do. I made the drop shadow of the picture text red, so I’d like to keep that splash of red on the page somewhere (hence why headings are red now).

The pictures are all from steven walker art. I highly suggest everyone check him out. He’s an amazing gay themed artist. I keep wanting to buy one or two for my apartment.. but I can’t just decide on ONE or TWO! I want like 10 of them! But then my apartment is too gay!

lol. Later!

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