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Did you know you can get 12 hours of overtime here in california and still only work 40 hours a week?

Kinda crazy eh?

I don’t remmeber if I’ve mentioned that before or not.

Real point is that I’m working on a new layout! Happy happy! It’ll be reminiscent of an older style, however new colors and new top image. 🙂

Haven’t decided on the new colors yet. Image is nearly done, just have to find some nice txt.

Night all.

2 replies on “Overtime”

haha.. when I first saw this site, i was like.. “whoa, this guy is pretty good” Then I found out the layout was one of those wordpress themes.. bad bad bad. j/k! anyway, i’d be a hypocrite if i said I didn’t use a theme for my site. i really gotta make my own layout. hope your the layout turns out great!

Yeah… I like to think I am good… It’s just that why spend my time making a cool theme when so many already exist for WordPress? I rather spend my time on the backend of things then on the front anyways. I’m not very graphical.

I’m hoping it comes out good though. 🙂


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