Tag: California

  • Des Moines is FLOODING! & 4 years!

    Des Moines is flooding! The water started going over the emergency spill way last night at Saylorville. You can view new stories about it here (for now). They even talk about my home town being flooded in one of them. They pump the water up and out of Big Creek into Saylorville, once the water […]

  • Yosemite National Park!

    My legs…. HURT! I’ve been in Yosemite park since Wed and I have had so much FUN! That place is just gorgeous! I wish that I could spend months there camping and hiking through the back country and just sitting on the rocks overlooking a waterfall and reflecting on life. There were many times when […]

  • Lone Pine Trip

    This weekend was very long and yet tons of fun! Friday I got up early and headed out to Pasadena to pick up this guy Jimmy, from there we headed up to Canyon Country to meet up with George, Jason, Merot and Lewis. Headed from there up to Red Rock Canyon. Hung out there for […]

  • California Poppy Reserve

    What a busy busy weekend… Lets see, Friday I wasn’t feeling good at work, so I headed home at noon and took a nap. That evening I went out to a play called Regretrosexual with Jess. It was a really funny play about a guy who had a 2-year gay experience. He’s dating this girl […]

  • Napa Valley Trip!

    I love three day weekends… This past weekend we had a great time. First was Jason’s birthday party on Friday. We had a great time, but left early. I felt bad about leaving so early, oh well. Saturday morning we got up early and headed out to Napa Valley. On the way up there we […]