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What’s Going ON!?

Welcome again! I’ve made a few slight changes. mostly enabling plugins that have been lost over the changes from WP1.2 (That happened a while ago, just never enabled them on the last theme). But they’re all back. And I added a few new ones. I bet you can’t find them. 😛

Anyways, slept for 11 hours yesterday, from 11am to 10pm! Opps. I was totally going to go to Thrust too, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. 🙁

So as you can see I haven’t done anything else besides that all day. Work has been boring, as no one assigned me anything to do again. I’ve decided that I don’t enjoy working during the day. I feel bad about having my headphones on because then I can’t hear what anyone is saying. But I hate NOT having them on because it’s so quiet around here. Blah, it’s just annoying.

Please there’s a certian someone that I don’t really enjoy here during the day. There’s like 6 SAs, and I like 5 of them. Blah! So it’s easy enought to avoid that one person, but he just annoys me. Oh well.

I’d really like to know what’s going on at my apartment complex during the day…. Today I came out to my car and the whole trunk lid had clearly been writen on and then whipped off… And then I looked closer and the whole bonnet (I can’t think of the american word! DAMN YOU UK!) has clearly been written on and then whipped off as well. Stupid children.

They did leave a little area on the side where it says “Wash Me” but I’d like to know what else those stupid children wrote on there. Fuckers.

I really want to catch them and go scream at them sometime. I enjoy screaming at children. lol

Hmmm, not much else going on around here…. I can’t wait till friday.

I think I want to buy one of the new mini’s… but I’m not sure:

20″ LCD Apple Cinema Display


NEW! Mac mini 1.42GHz G4 80GB HD + Super Drive + 512Ram


Subtotal $1332.17

I was also thinking about the 23″ Cinema, but it’s twice the price of the 20″ one. So I don’t think I want that one. I’ll probably just hold off for a while. I don’t need it that badly. lol. Well, I don’t need it at all!

Grr. later

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Thats a sign you need to wash your car…hehe i get stuff written on mine all of the time…but they use car paint so be glad you dont have to wash it you can just “dust” it off…I will wash your car for you when i am down there.

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