Des Moines is FLOODING! & 4 years!

Des Moines is flooding! The water started going over the emergency spill way last night at Saylorville. You can view new stories about it here (for now). They even talk about my home town being flooded in one of them. They pump the water up and out of Big Creek into Saylorville, once the water levels get to high in Saylorville, the pumps can’t handle the pressure, so they shut down. So now they are trying to put in a ton of emergency pumps to keep our town from flooding. My parents said that the neighbor’s garage is almost under water and that our backyard is flooded. Scary stuff! They haven’t seen this kind of flooding since 1993. Hopefully this time the DM water works doesn’t get flooded out!

Also, it’s been 4 years now since I moved to California… Nothing really new to report in that area. It’s a love/hate relationship!

I am happy about my new 300gig hard drive in the laptop!

UPDATE!:// So my f’ing landlord just called and says he hasn’t received my rent for the LAST THREE MONTHS! WTF?! How does that happen! I have cleared checks from the bank showing that he HAS! I just have to order “official” copies to prove it to him!