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  • Christmas in Iowa

    Sooooo. Here I am back at work! 🙁 Ugh. I so don’t wanna be there. Yesterday was so long. Got up early to do stuff and ended up not having to leave the house till 10! I could have slept in. I’m not sure why, but the last few days I have been UBER sleepy! […]

  • Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

    Merry Christmas! It’s been a busy busy week here in Iowa. TONS of stuff going on. Got some AMAZING news last Friday at work. I got my approval for the $500,000 software implementation. I also had a meeting with the CEO regarding the idiot CFO and some other plans I had for the company. So […]

  • Climb Master!

    What a busy busy weekend, do you ever expect anything less from me? So Friday I got _pissed_ at Jason. He’s just being such a fucking asshole lately. Keeps saying he wants to be closer, but the way he acts is just NOT conducive to that at all. I invited him to go out to […]

  • Devil Wal-Mart

    So I was reading this article on digg today and they said this about wal-mart The company that, more than any other, destroyed everything nice about America. Small towns in this country were once wonderful and pleasent places. They were all unique and delightful places to live. Each one had a little main street or […]

  • So Alone..

    I feel so alone right now… I am not sure why. I have met some really fun new friends here in Redondo Beach. I’ve been keeping really busy with things, I went out all night Friday night, was busy all day Saturday except for a few hours where I took a nap and then will […]