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  • So Alone..

    I feel so alone right now… I am not sure why. I have met some really fun new friends here in Redondo Beach. I’ve been keeping really busy with things, I went out all night Friday night, was busy all day Saturday except for a few hours where I took a nap and then will […]

  • Const is in Houston!

    Road trip to Houston!!! This past week I have been on a road trip to Houston! Constantine has moved there for the next 6 months! 🙁 So Tuesday was not a very good day for me. I had a 4 hour meeting I had to prepare for, and I had to prepare to be out […]

  • LACMA Dali and Petersen Automotive Museum

    Another good weekend. Friday night Constantine, Sirin, Chris and I all went out to Nunsense at the Torrance Theater. Sirin wanted to see Constantine’s new car, so we rode in it. It’s a really nice car, but still…. I will admit I’m a very jealous of it now. Anyways, we also went out to this […]

  • Hate! LANDLORDS!

    I HATE THEM ALL! I found this perfect place in Redondo Beach… I want it, I want it NOW! But the Landlord is being a jackass! He only checks his voicemail like once a fucking day. He claims hes faxed me the damn application twice, but our fax machine never rings. But when I call […]