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  • Christmas in Iowa

    Sooooo. Here I am back at work! 🙁 Ugh. I so don’t wanna be there. Yesterday was so long. Got up early to do stuff and ended up not having to leave the house till 10! I could have slept in. I’m not sure why, but the last few days I have been UBER sleepy! […]

  • Canyoneering!

    Hmm, it’s been a while, eh? Well not much has really been going on. I’ve been busy as per usual but nothing to interesting. Last weekend I hung out with Kris a lot and took him rock climbing. It was freezing out there! We did some other random stuff as well. This weekend was pretty […]

  • So Alone..

    I feel so alone right now… I am not sure why. I have met some really fun new friends here in Redondo Beach. I’ve been keeping really busy with things, I went out all night Friday night, was busy all day Saturday except for a few hours where I took a nap and then will […]

  • Happy Ending – Mika

    This song just came up on my random playlist and I thought I’d post it… It makes me cry so much. I give people everything I have. I give my heart and my soul to them, and they always just leave me with no hope, no love, no glory. I do feel like each time, […]

  • Saddle Up Boys!

    Party time in Iowa! I love $4 drinks! How fun! 🙂 This week has been very busy. I’ve been out and about almost every night and working and what not. It’s been crazy. I’ll just hit the highlights. I went out to the Saddle on Tuesday by myself. But ended up running into a hole […]