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  • Funeral Stuff

    So, it’s been one LONG LONG week. I got into Omaha at 3pm. As I was walking into the baggage claim area I spotted my mother on the phone… I walk over to her and she tells me the news… :'( Lots of crying in the airport. Drove to the grandparents house and lots of […]

  • In Memory Kenneth James Black

  • RIP Kenny Black

    Kenneth James Black was born June 26, 1926, on the family farm one-fourth mile south of Lenox to Edgar and Etta (Recknor) Black. He left this life on May 12, 2008, to rejoin departed family and friends after a long illness with lung disease. Kenny grew up on the farm, enjoyed riding horses and attended […]

  • Weekend Recap…

    Ok, So I am on the plane now and thought I would take some time to write about the weekend. Lets see, I really didn’t do to much during the week. I went to the gym with Dustin one day and no gym the rest of the week. Iw as pretty lazy. Friday I went […]

  • Heading Home

    Well, when it rains it pours. I found myself booking tickets yesterday afternoon and am on my way back to Iowa now. I am currently in Houston. What a perfect stop over. My grandpa has been in and out of stuff for the last month. This past week it’s gotten much worse. He’s in hospice […]