A Week of Bad News

This week has just been a really bad week for news.

First the whole Const and I issue. I have had some great support from my friends, and a lot of people who read here have really been very helpful. I also called my mother and she gave me some amazing support. I’ve never talked to her about these sorts of things, but she was a lot of help. I asked her to come out for the weekend, but sadly she as working.

Second, one of my good friends told me he was HIV Positive. Very scary. I did ALC last year and didn’t know anyone who was positive, and now my friend is. It really hit home that it could happen to any of us. I’m very sad for him. We went out Friday night though and had a great time chatting an catching up and what not.

Third, my friends Jason and Steve broke up which is very sad for us all. At least it seems like this was more mutual on their parts, but they both seem very hurt. Then we found out that one of our mutual friends (we’re all friends with him) went and spent the night at Steve’s house the night that they broke up. Which is just UNACCEPTABLE.

Fourth, I found out something about Const that I do not approve of at all. Who knew he was like that.

Fifth, I got an email from my grandma stating that both my grandpa and my great grandma are getting worse by the week. That’s very sad for me. I’ve always really looked up to my grandpa and respected him so much. It’s so sad to see him like this. I was thinking of heading back there for a week or two just to hang out at their house again like I used to in HS.