All American Rejects!

AAR Concert last night ROCKED!

Sooooo much fun, even though I’m DEAD tired this morning. LARGE amounts of coffee shall be consumed today.

Alex showed up at my office shortly after 5, we hung out there waiting for Robert. He got there, we drove over tot he Fair, even though we got lost. 🙁 The 405/55 were horrible, so we were just going to take side streets, but we clearly missed our turn somewhere.

Got to the fair, yummy smells commenced. 🙂 We got brats to start, then I had a funnel cake! Yummmy! I can’t wait to get back to Iowa where the REAL fair food is! Lamb burgers here I come!

After the food, we wondered around some and then went to the stage. Hung out there waiting for the band to start. Saw a Jay look alike, although shorter and he didn’t have as nice an ass. haha. I could have also sworn I saw Stephen Oda there, I txted him, but the bitch never got back to me.. I’m sad that we never hung out more often, he was a nice guy.

The first band came on, some crazies from Boston, Mass. They were pretty good, but no one really got into them.

They left, and then there was like an hour of stage crap… And finially the Rejects came on! Woot! They were great… And so fucking hot! 🙂 Yummy.

After they were done, we went over and rode the farris wheel and then left, Robert and I were dead tired!

On the way home, a motorcylce went flying past me, weaving in and out of the HOV lane. He had to have been doing 110+… Shortly after that there was a CHP flying through traffic, swearving from the left shoulder over to the right sholder and back… If that CHP ever caught up to that moto boy, he’s gonna be in a HELLA deep water… Not only for speeding like a MOFO, but for also weaving in and out of the HOV lane and I’m sure 8 million other things. haha. Sucks to be him!

Not too much else going on, still trying to plan for this mess of a trip to San Diego this weekend. Thank god I just got a check for $80 in the mail, so now I don’t feel so bad for spending the money to go down there

I found out yesterday that the CD player in my car doesn’t work any more.. Add that to the list of other things that don’t work… 🙁 So I’ve been hard core looking into getting a new car again… I know, I’ve been talking about this for like 2 years, but still! I will _eventually_ actually get something.

I’ve found a nice 2005 Audi A4 Convert… Not including the $6K base cost over the Civic I’m also looking at, it’ll cost me ~$2k per year that I own it over the cost of the yearly civic costs. (Ie, insurance, gas, registration). So yeah. I dunnno if it’s worth it. It looks so fucking nice though! 🙁

[private] I think that Jason is starting to hint that he likes me… like yesterday he kept trying to get me to come to dinner last night and stuff… Who knows, maybe I’m just reading things wrong [/private]

Lance Bass is gay! Yay! What a fucking hot bitch.

Exxon Mobil made $10.4 BILLION in profits… Umm, excuse me? Why are we being charged so much at the pump again? That’s fucking $1,318 a second!!!!

I’m out!

PS. What’s wrong with me? I was just watching the KCCI news coverage of RAGBRAI and randomly started crying. WTF?!

2 thoughts on “All American Rejects!”

  1. Yeah thats cool that Lance Bass is gay. And not so cool with the DAMN oil companies profit!!

    Did you ever ride in the RABGRAI ?

  2. Yeah, those damn oil companies. They need to be broken up… I mean that much in PROFIT, can you imagine what the actal income was?!?!

    No, I didn’t ride. It’d be nice to do one day of it sometime though! It went through my hometown yesterday. 🙁

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