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Stable 1.0!

Yay, today I’m releasing the first stable version of the software I’ve been writing! 🙂

I’m very excited about this… It only took 19,582 lines of code! YAY!

Last night I was up late working on a new component to it. This new thing won’t be ready till next week, but instead of e-mailing attachements in HTML with Base64 encoded images (which apparently aren’t supported by IE, screw you!) I’m using PDF’s now instead. So yesterday I spent the day finding something that can correctly read the style sheets, etc. Then I spent all last night getting the one that worked the best to work correctly! And it finially does! 🙂

BTW, I’m using html2pdf.

[private] Yesterday, I was debating about deleting certian people from my friends list on myspace.. IE, Dustin and Joel. So I went and read Dustin’s profile, and found a rather odd comment about me on his page by his neighbor, the oddest part was that it was from only a few days ago. I Think to myself.. WHY on EARTH is this bitch talking about me? So I go read her page… Dustin had written: I thought you might want this. I think you might want to apply, lol. You know, Chris is lonely and needs a boyfriend for the weeK! You might just need a strap-on 🙂 And then had posted my blog entry about the BF application. So then I start thinking… Who else has he said such things to? So I go through his top 16 or whatever, to find that he had posted the EXACT same thing on a few other people’s myspace pages.

How childish, first. Secondly, WTF? Why is this dumb fuck still talking about me to people when I haven’t even spoken to him in a MONTH! So now it makes me pissed to think what other TRASH those three are telling people around the LA/OC/SD areas. Since they hang out at the bars so much. I’ve heard from a few of my friends what they are telling them. And if that’s what they are saying to my _Friends_ I’d hate to hear what they are saying to complete strangers about me!

Ugh, it just pisses me off so fucking much. Jackasses. I fucking hate faggots. [/private]

I had tons of plans yesterday, but got ditched for them all. It kinda sucked and was good at the same time. First I was supposed to have lunch with this guy JT, he was in the area for the day, said he’d call me at 1. He finially called at 1:30 and said he was running late, which was fine. I was on my way home by that point. Said he’d call when he was done with his errands. About 3:30 he calls me again, but by that point it he was already back in Long Beach, cause something came up, or whatnot? I dunno.

Then I was supposed to go play tennis with this other guy, but we couldn’t find anywhere free around here, and I didn’t want to drive up to LA to play. And then lastly, I was supposed to go biking with Jason, but his friend was dropping something off in the area and wanted to hang out. So yeah. So I went on a bike ride by myself, and then of course right after I got back Greg called wanting me to go to the gym with him. I was too tired, so I said no.

It all ended up being good though, because I was able to get that PDF generator to work, which means less stress today for Stable 1.0! 🙂


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