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SD Pride!

Woot! So after 2 years of living in Cali, I’ve FINIALLY made it to San Diego Pride! So, lets go back…

Friday after work, I met up with Jason and we headed down to the beach for a few hours. Hung out there and chatted and ate grapes and cherries and such. Had a good time, after that we went out on a bike ride. We weren’t planning on going too far, but ended up doing 30 miles again. So that felt good. Our goal is to get to Santa Monica and back soon… That’ll be 50 miles.

Got back to his place about 7:30 and we had a martini. When your blood is going hard core like that, you get drunk REALLY fast! So mental note people! From there we both showered (seperatly) and then went out to dinner. We went our seperate ways after that cause he was going out with people and I headed down to Orange!

Got there and walked in and pretty much went straight to sleep, cause I was a bit drunkish and VERY tired! Got up at 8am Saturday morning and Andrew and I headed down to San Diego. Robert cancelled on us at the last minute Friday. Which kinda pissed me off, but whatever.

Got down there at just the right time, as they were closing off the streets, found parking and went to RBB’s place, met her and then went and watched the parade! Sooo many hot boys! It made me feel so ugly, but lately I’ve been feeling kinda sexy too…


Anyways, we stared at the hot boys and such and watched the parade. It lasted FOREVER! But we stayed to the end! After that we walked down to the festival thing which was kinda stupid. Not worth the $12. I mean, perhaps if you went to the beer gardens or something.

From there we headed to H Mary’s for dinner. Had a great time there, and then headed out to the bars. Started off at Flicks, which was nice. There was a group of hot boys, the lesbian with them talked to us, but we couldn’t get the hot boys to talk to us. Sad. 🙁 The lesbian told me I was really hot. Some old man talked to me, he’s apparently from WeHo, he was nice.

After that we went to this house party. There were so homo’s there, but not any I’d make out with. Some really hot straight boys, but sadly they didn’t want to make out! haha. Of course Andrew made out with someone.

Got home about 2ish and we all crashed. Got up Sunday morning and Andrew and I went to some Art museum in San Diego. It was ok.

My camera broke too. :'( Well, just the LCD screen, which is a $60 replacement part. And apparently I can replace it myself. So that’ good. But means that I’ll have to deal with no LCD screen while in Iowa. 🙁

Overall the weekend was GREAT, no drama, no fighting, just fun times! 🙂

I have to work at 3:30 again tomorrow morning. 🙁

So far my week is pretty busy though. I’m hoping to fit in at least 20 miles the next three days, I’ve got a dinner date tonight, a lunch date tomorrow and then Wed I’m packing and have to have Carlito over to show him where all the stuff is at for the kitties while I’m gone. Thursday I leave right after work! 🙂

I’m tentitivly scheduled to go to Las Vegas in early Sept! I’m excited for that. 🙂 Speaking of Vegas and thus, gambling.. I also invested nearly $10k this weekend into three very high risk mutual funds…. They are 100% managed by computer forcasts. Seems like a fun thing to do, hopefully they will continue on the past 3-years, and manage to pull off the mid-20% return they’ve been getting! I’m really nervous about them though.


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