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So, Monday I went out about 6ish.. I was about to get on the freeway when all of a sudden a moto-cop cut off the car infront of me, and wouldn’t let anyone get on… The stream of cars quickly died off on the freeway, and over the next 15 or so minutes about 50 more moto-cops went flying past…

Finially after sitting there for 25 minutes, we start to see something, lots of flashing lights and such coming down the free way. I figured it was a high speed chase or something, and they had closed off all the on ramps or something…

But, it ended up being a motorcade, for either Gov Arnie, or Blair… Not sure which.. So that was kinda cool to see. But the bastards were only going 55, and we got stuck right behind them. Ugh.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. I leave to go home. Everyone has really been pissing me off lately.

I’m being moved into a cube today over at the Yahoo! Center.

Ever since I updated my site to use Ajax, my google page rankings have been dropping. I’m not really sure why. I’m working on a new non-ajax theme to see if that combats the issue.

Umm. Yeah.

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I experienced something like that on Hwy 20 by the Dunkerton exit but the motorcade was for President Bush. And they would not let us go for quite a while until I could hardly see the vehicles anymore. And they came upon us they practically ran us off the road!!

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