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I’m Out

Well ya’ll, last day in Cali for a while. I head home today at noon! I’m so excited. I don’t think any work will be getting done today.

My defect list for 1.0 has been fairly impressive and yet easy to manage. Most of them have been cosmetic changes. (Fuck you IE). Other issues have been that PHP was running out of memory. html2pdf uses a lot! Today is the roll out for defect fixes and we go live on Monday. Thank god I’m not here. 🙂

Speaking of, I’m not even taking my laptop with me to Iowa. I’m going to _attempt_ to stay away from the computer for the whole week. No e-mail, no myspace, no nothing. Good luck to me!

Yesterday I was driving home and heard a song that I’ve been enjoying for a while. They finially said who it was… “Panic! At the Disco, fresh out of high school”.. That’s what they said. I was like, “How could that voice be coming from a HS boy!” So I went and looked them up.. They are YOUNG looking. Then I downloaded the album. I love you iTunes. 🙂

I finially sold my old laptop as well! $900. 🙂 Some idiot actually had the nerve to offer me $500. Fucker. Anyways, it was these two asian guys… There’s a scratch on the lid of it.. They kept saying, “Female not like, they like pretty”. I’m serious, direct quote!

So after that I took out what I needed to pay for my plane tickets, new laptop hard drive, and the LCD screen for my camera. Which left me with $300… I went to the mall. It’s gone now. 🙁

I got a 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of pants. The fun news is that I fit into a 30×32! I’m amazed! The 30 was a bit tight through the thighs though, so I ended up getting a 31×32. I have to have the other pair hemmed though, cause they are 32×34.

My loot includes:

Rocket Dog Shoes

GBX Shoes

A&F Jeans

Banana Republic Slacks

(I wanted to buy the shirt in that pic too, but it was the same price as the damn slacks!)

After that I packed shit up and then spent the rest of the night hanging around my house.

[private] jason’s been kinda pissing me off lately. We were supposed to go out and bike every night this week. Well, I haven’t been biking yet this week, but he’s some how been every night? Monday he claimed his friend stopped by, so he had to hang out with him. But then they went biking together? Would it have been so hard to call me and ask if I wanted to go with? Then tuesday he says his friend just randomly stopped by again… but then they went off and hiked up in the hills by us… Again, that would have been fun for me!! then yesterday his friend.. yet again, had to drop his car off somewhere, so they were just going to hang out. Ugh. What annoys me most is that he always says he’ll txt me when he’ss on his way home to let me know…. but i never get a txt. Very annoying.

then the other day i left a comment no his site about this summer fest he went too.. I said, “that looks like a lot of fun” or something like that…. he deleted the fucking comment. WHY?! Ugh, just annoying as hell. [/private]

Anyways, if anyone wants to hang out in Iowa, let me know!


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