It’s HOT!

It’s F’ing HOT out today! I just got back from a 12.5 mile bike ride around the backbay.

Anyways, it was bloody HOT! I was sweating like crazy and my muscles are starting to scream at me and say…”STOP WORKING OUT!” lol. I’ve been biking like crazy lately and working out, I did my first personal trainer session which wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but I was a bit tired after. I am excited for the next one. But my muscles haven’t had a day off in nearly two weeks! I was thinking of doing a 45 mile very hilly ride this weekend. But I am not sure if my legs can take the punishment. Perhaps I will try anyways.

This morning I came in and was very bored at the office, but then I got a really fun project. Sadly that only took me 30 minutes to do. 🙁

I got my taxes back. I should be getting nearly $2,000 back! Yay! $500 of it is already spent on two trips to Houston, and I am hoping that I can arrange something with Const so that the rest of it can go towards a ticket to Russia for a week in August. ::hint hint::

Speaking of hints, he’s not very good at catching onto them! haha.

I talked to the CEO the other day. I have been denied any further Oracle training. I’m pretty pissed about this. When he spoke to me about it in December, he said they would be spending nearly $20k on me for training. Which means the full education courses, we’re talking months of training, etc. Well I sent him an email to see if I could try and arrange the next course so that I could be in Houston. Well he tells me that he thinks that now that I’ve been through the first two main classes (which only cost them $6k) that’s enough. UGH! Very annoying. This was one of the reasons I put my MBA on hold because I thought that I would be going through this training for the rest of the year! Now I have nothing to do… OH well, just gives me more time to prepare for my GMAT test when i do take it!

I got to have lunch with Nick and Dustin this week as well. That was very nice, I haven’t seen them in so long. I miss having them around, and I wish there were still a place in OC that we could go clubing toooooo!

This weekend I am supposed to go rock climbing with Const’s sister and one of their friends. I am a bit nervous about hanging out with them without Const being there. You all know my odd issue with bf’s hanging out with the bf’s friends (do you understand that?). Anyways. It should be fun, they are going to be going up to the Poppy Preserve in a few weeks so I want to go on that.

Sorry for the rambling, I’m just bored! Adios!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

What a change from last year at this time, and wow has so much changed!

I have a great boyfriend who will hopefully be around for this next year and many more, I have a great job, and some great friends!

Check out my video “2007 in Review” (note: it’s 323 megs, so please be patient when downloading…) You can view the photos without the movie here.

Also check out some old and very embarrassing pics from when I was a kid!


The other day I was stumbling and found this thing called “Flash Earth“. Basically it takes all the different satellite sources out there and merges them into one. So I looked up the area behind my parents house… Yahoo has the oldest maps, back before they started building that giant horrible golf course. Then check out Google. It’s so sad that they took all the wonderful farm/forest land and turned it into hundreds of ugly cookie-cutter houses.

Along the lines of maps. I found a Google Blog post about the wildfires here in Southern California. The Maps offer a really neat look at there areas that have burned, evacuation data, etc.

As you all know, my trip to Europe is coming up quick, and we all know I love taking pictures. However, I _HATE_ having people in them. A while back I found this neat way to do it in photoshop, but it was very manually intensive. The other day I found a site called “Tourist Remover which does it for you! I can’t wait to get back from Europe and try it out!

I’m sure you’ve all heard it already, but Dumbledore is GAY!. It’s amazing what the right wing is doing about this. Get over it people, it’s a FICTIONAL person! My god, who cares!

I was also reading the other day about how some woman’s husband was riding in a porsche going over 100mph that slammed into a concrete wall… She sued of course and won 4.5 Million!. Just redic. The guy even signed a waiver! He voluntarily participated in a dangerous event, he KNEW the risks when he started! WTF was this woman thinking. And she’s just putting even MORE grief on the family of the driver who also died because they are paying 49% of that 4.5 million! UGH!

This story also reminds me of another article I read in which a woman was $135,000 in CC debt, spent $400 a month on Starbucks, had 3 cars and SIX kids! I just don’t see how people get into this kind of mess! How can you be so freaking stupid and live like that? I currently have $1,400 in CC debit, of which I could EASILY pay that ALL off in just a couple days… But it still freaks me out that I even have any money on my CC!

The other night Constantine and I watched Mrs Henderson Presents. It was a very interesting movie! I thought it was very funny. I highly suggest going to watch it.

Last night I had my meeting with the Admissions Counselor at the CSU Long Beach for an MBA. Anyways, it seems like I should be able to get in with no problems as long as I do well on my GMAT. The only issue is that I’m not sure I want to be in Cali long enough to get it. Because we’re looking at starting NEXT fall and then a min of 2 years after that. Perhaps I should just stick it out, do my MBA here, then as soon as I am done I will look for a new job and move. Because I am sure that my current company won’t have any use for my MBA nor will they be able to pay me enough to support it. We shall see. I am going to work on filling out the paper work today, I bought a prep book for my GMAT so must start on that. My goal is to take it in early Feb. Filing deadlines is March 30th!

Tonight I will be cleaning my apartment, then tomorrow we are having “Ghetto” dinner party! I can’t wait!


No Car for me! Damnit!

Ok. I’ve made an executive decision…. I am _NOT_ getting a new car…. YET!

I was SO CLOSE on Sunday to buying one. But now I made a list of all the other shit that I want to buy and I just think that I should buy that stuff first.

EU Trip – $700
Bed Set – $900
Couch – $900
RAID – $1,000
DVD Player/Surround Sound – $400
iPod/iPhone – $400
Iowa Christmas Trip – $500
Bike Repairs/New Helmet – $200

Lots of other stuff that’s slipping my mind right now (The list is at home!). But overall the list came out to just over $7,000 worth of stuff that I want to get. Sooooo I will not be getting a new car. I will just spend the $400 to repair my current car and keep it another year.

Also on the lines of money. Why does no one want my money! Seriously. I keep calling people trying to buy things from them and they just never get back to me! Tuesday I called 4 realtors asking about properties I had seen on All of them said they would get back to me that afternoon with the information I asked for. I have YET to hear anything back from them. Same with the asshole at the car dealership, I go in wanting to buy a car and he treats me like shit!

Lets see, So Tuesday I went out to Beige with Constantine. Had an EXCELLENT time. So much fun going back there. Although, I’m way to old for that shit any more! haha. I was sooo tired at work on Wed.

Work has been going excellent, however, I’m very tired of coding in Java. So I’ve been thinking about getting my MBA again. Sadly the deadline is Oct 30th for Spring admission, so I’ll have to wait till fall to get in. But I think I will start studying for my GMAT.

Ohhhh. So Tuesday, my external hard drive died. Or at least I thought it had. I was FREAKING out cause it has all my life on it, so Constantine and I went to Fry’s to get a new case for it to see if that was the problem. Come home and put the drive in the new case and plug it into firewire and it still doesn’t work! 🙁 So I’m freaking out and then Constantine is like. “Why don’t you try USB”. So I do and it works! YAYAYAY! I didn’t lose my life!

So, that’s basically it. Adios!

I forget?

Water tower to house!

The 50 best cookie recipes on the internet!

Some hot boys!

Mount Ritter Banner Peak

Luang Sathorn Mansion/Russian Embassy

This has been one busy ass week for me and I’m really behind on the shit that I need to get done. I have one client that I have a huge list of stuff to do for him, but I just haven’t had the time to do it.

Not much else has really been happening. I’ve been hanging out with Constantine and having a great time with him. One night this week I went walking on the beach which was really nice. Wed I worked 12 hours, came home, made pudding… The pudding didn’t even make it to the fridge before the whole thing was gone! I dunno where it went! haha

I honestly can’t tell you what else I’ve done all week!

This weekend I have a BBQ tonight, then Constantine and I are going on a last minute road trip for the weekend. It was a bit of a pain in the ass trying to find places to stay this late in the game, but we found some. He’s gonna book them today.

Yesterday we did the first demo for the project I’ve been working on hard core the last two weeks. It was hilarious because GT was showing off the calendar function, which I HATE, and the client said. “That’s a clever way of doing it.”…. IE: “That’s a stupid way to do it!” At least that’s the impression I got. The new calendar is soooo hideous! You can only select ONE day at a time, etc. _MY_ Calendar you could do tons of stuff with! It was soo neat! I’ll see if I can post screen shots of the two so you can see the diff. I’ll be glad when this project is over. I _HATE_ Java!

UPDATE:// Here’s the screen shots:

My Calendar

This is my calendar. As you can see you can select more then one day (this is an early mock-up. You’ll have to use your imagination that the 17th and 18th are highlighed in a light blue to indicate that the range from the 16-19th is selected).

GTs Calendar

GT’s Calendar. As you can see you can only select ONE day at a time or you can select one RECORD from the day. Very annoying and ugly!