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  • It’s HOT!

    It’s F’ing HOT out today! I just got back from a 12.5 mile bike ride around the backbay. Quick ride around back bay Anyways, it was bloody HOT! I was sweating like crazy and my muscles are starting to scream at me and say…”STOP WORKING OUT!” lol. I’ve been biking like crazy lately and working […]

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy new year everyone! What a change from last year at this time, and wow has so much changed! I have a great boyfriend who will hopefully be around for this next year and many more, I have a great job, and some great friends! Check out my video “2007 in Review” (note: it’s 323 […]

  • “Improvement”

    The other day I was stumbling and found this thing called “Flash Earth“. Basically it takes all the different satellite sources out there and merges them into one. So I looked up the area behind my parents house… Yahoo has the oldest maps, back before they started building that giant horrible golf course. Then check […]

  • No Car for me! Damnit!

    Ok. I’ve made an executive decision…. I am _NOT_ getting a new car…. YET! I was SO CLOSE on Sunday to buying one. But now I made a list of all the other shit that I want to buy and I just think that I should buy that stuff first. EU Trip – $700 Bed […]

  • I forget?

    Water tower to house! The 50 best cookie recipes on the internet! Some hot boys! Mount Ritter Banner Peak Luang Sathorn Mansion/Russian Embassy This has been one busy ass week for me and I’m really behind on the shit that I need to get done. I have one client that I have a huge list […]