No Car for me! Damnit!

Ok. I’ve made an executive decision…. I am _NOT_ getting a new car…. YET!

I was SO CLOSE on Sunday to buying one. But now I made a list of all the other shit that I want to buy and I just think that I should buy that stuff first.

EU Trip – $700
Bed Set – $900
Couch – $900
RAID – $1,000
DVD Player/Surround Sound – $400
iPod/iPhone – $400
Iowa Christmas Trip – $500
Bike Repairs/New Helmet – $200

Lots of other stuff that’s slipping my mind right now (The list is at home!). But overall the list came out to just over $7,000 worth of stuff that I want to get. Sooooo I will not be getting a new car. I will just spend the $400 to repair my current car and keep it another year.

Also on the lines of money. Why does no one want my money! Seriously. I keep calling people trying to buy things from them and they just never get back to me! Tuesday I called 4 realtors asking about properties I had seen on All of them said they would get back to me that afternoon with the information I asked for. I have YET to hear anything back from them. Same with the asshole at the car dealership, I go in wanting to buy a car and he treats me like shit!

Lets see, So Tuesday I went out to Beige with Constantine. Had an EXCELLENT time. So much fun going back there. Although, I’m way to old for that shit any more! haha. I was sooo tired at work on Wed.

Work has been going excellent, however, I’m very tired of coding in Java. So I’ve been thinking about getting my MBA again. Sadly the deadline is Oct 30th for Spring admission, so I’ll have to wait till fall to get in. But I think I will start studying for my GMAT.

Ohhhh. So Tuesday, my external hard drive died. Or at least I thought it had. I was FREAKING out cause it has all my life on it, so Constantine and I went to Fry’s to get a new case for it to see if that was the problem. Come home and put the drive in the new case and plug it into firewire and it still doesn’t work! 🙁 So I’m freaking out and then Constantine is like. “Why don’t you try USB”. So I do and it works! YAYAYAY! I didn’t lose my life!

So, that’s basically it. Adios!

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