25 MPH Gusting to 35!! Crazy WINDS!

Soooo, Friday we had some CRAZY fucking winds. I mean 25 mph alllll day long, gusting to 35. Redic! You couldn’t hardly walk. The beach was going crazy! Waves SOOO big! IT was even foaming and stuff!

Constantine came over and we got some pics and stuff which are here. We also took some video with his nice camera, but don’t have the cable to transfer it. I’ll post that once it’s up.

From there we headed out to dinner. Went to this new place down the street. We get there at 6:45 and I ask our waitress if it’s still Happy hour because outside I could have swore the sign said “Happy hour 5-7”. But the menus said “5-6”. She said “No”. So I went outside to check and the sign DID say 5-7!!! Liar! It was pretty good food though overall.

Came back to my place after that and I think we just hung out here. I can’t remember for sure! It’s been a busy weekend!

Got up Saturday and headed up to H&M at the beverly center. Met up with Charles Phoenix there to pick up the video of him on The Martha Stewart Show. Also bought lots of cute clothes for our Europe trip! Headed back to my place after that, but Jason called and asked if we wanted to go flying. So we did that. Tons of fun! It was a wonderful day! Got back to my place and watched North Country. It was a really sad movie! But very good.

Jason picked us up after that and we went over to his place and had tacos and lots of drinks and played cards and had a jolly old time! Probably one of the best dinner parties I’ve ever been too. The card games were tons of fun!

Sunday Constantine and I got up and he left cause he needed to do his Photo project. So I lounged around the house. I found a Camry Hybrid online for sale, so I called about it. It was the same place as a car I had called about on Friday and the guy was a total ass about it. I was like, why should I drive an hour and a half if you arent’ willing to negotiate with me on the phone. Anyways, the guy was super nice on Sunday when I called, so Jason, Steve and I headed up there. Long story short. The guy was a total ass in person too. So we left. I was uber pissed after that. Stopped at the In & Out by the airport and watched planes for a while. Headed home after that.

[private]I have to admit that I was a little annoyed that night with Constantine. I found out that he went out climbing and movie watching with his friends. And he knows how much I’ve been wanting to meet them, so that he didn’t call and invite me to go with me hurt a little… So I didn’t get to sleep till 11 cause I was annoyed about it. [/private]

Overall it was an excellent weekend!!!!

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