Last Minute BBQ!

So last night we had sort of a last minute quick BBQ. Tons of fun!

Sirin cooked chicken marinated in this crazy home made marinade of hers. Constantine, Erick, Mok, Sirin and I were all there. We drank, chatted and had a great time!

Also, Constantine brought be flowers! How nice is that! 🙂 No one has brought me flowers in forever!!!

Nothing to much else really going on. This week I have been very productive, mostly at home and not so much at work.

I built a new picture frame. Again it’s 8’x4′. This one didn’t get stretched as nicely as the last one, so I have to redo some of that. But the frame itself came together much better. I bought drill bits, so that helped with the mess of screwing it together. I also found a new desk. So I put that together and moved everything over to it.

Had a bit of a technical issue doing that though as one of my servers wouldn’t start back up! Thankfully it was just that the little switch which sits behind the power button has fallen off. So I had to open it up and just push the button and it came back to life!

Did I mention that I destroyed one of my bookshelves? I’ve been trying to get rid of it for a while, but I finally just took the sledge hammer to it! That was tons of fun!

Found a really nice looking place in Torrance, so we went and looked at that… It was in the GHETTOOO!!!! You’d get shot going to/from home! Scary!

Nothing planned for this weekend yet. Gotta figure that out!


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