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Fall Colors in Mammoth Lake!!

Have I mentioned how cool my life has been lately! Things are really going great around here. I’m loving it!

This weekend was of course no different! Friday night I got home from the gym and was planning on just staying in and doing my laundry and other random stuff that I’ve been falling behind on. But instead Sirin knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to go see Anything Goes up in Northridge. I said, “Sure!” and called up Constantine to see if he wanted to go. I changed and then we headed out to pick him up. The play was pretty good. Very funny. It wasn’t professional or anything. But it was still lots of fun. We went out after that to Marie Calendars for pie!

Saturday morning Constantine and I got up early and headed out to Mammoth Lakes to see the Fall Colors. On the way north we stopped at Fossil Falls. It was pretty cool. Some neat lava flows and stuff. From there we headed on up to Mammoth. Got there about 2 and then went and ate at some crazy Cafe which was pretty good and then headed north a ways to see the trees. Started out in the areas around there, then up north to Mono Lake. After that we continued north to the Ghost town of Bodie, CA. This was a really cool ghost town and I highly suggest you go check it out! We got there at “The golden hour“, so Constantine was running around crazy taking pics!

We headed back south after that and stopped again at Mono Lake to take some more pics. Went to be pretty early.

Sunday we got up and headed back south. Stopped at a bunch of lakes, including North Lake, South Lake and Sabrina Lake. All VERY pretty. Next year about this time I’ll have to take a group up there to camp. It was a bit chilly but the weather the whole weekend was just perfect. It was nice and crisp and refreshing! Stopped in Bishop, CA where there is this GREAT bakery called “Erick Schat’s“. Oh my god. Amazing! You have to stop here!

Got back to LA about 5ish and then we watched Flyboys. Constantine left shortly after that was over.

BTW, he’s amazing. 🙂

Pics from the weekend are here.


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