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  • Feel Seating

    Feel Seating System. This is just ASKING to have sex on it! Make the monkey speak! So I was playing around on Stumble again today and found that Andy B, a guy that I went to HS with, had submitted my blog to the site. Very strange I thought. I started googleing him and found […]

  • Meri vs Mary

    A while back I was listening to Dr Laura again… This woman called in bitching that her name was “Meri” and she was SOOO tired of spelling it. Get over it woman! It’s not a big fucking deal. Do you know how much I have to spell my last name!? My last name is a […]

  • Last update before Berlin!!

    Well this will be my last update before I head off to Berlin, and I have lots of random stuff! First… Do we really need to see the old KFC Logo from space?! Second, Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.. For anyone who didn’t already know. I was listening to his show this morning on my […]

  • Wipe OUT!

    So… Jason and I just got back from our normal bike ride… 30 miles today. We did 15, in Marina Del Ray…. Heading over to Jamba Juice, riding on the streets…We go to jump a curb into a parking lot to cut across, I miss it….. WIPE OUT! Hard core style… I fall right into […]

  • Motorcade

    So, Monday I went out about 6ish.. I was about to get on the freeway when all of a sudden a moto-cop cut off the car infront of me, and wouldn’t let anyone get on… The stream of cars quickly died off on the freeway, and over the next 15 or so minutes about 50 […]