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Feel Seating System. This is just ASKING to have sex on it!

Make the monkey speak!

So I was playing around on Stumble again today and found that Andy B, a guy that I went to HS with, had submitted my blog to the site. Very strange I thought. I started googleing him and found some interesting things. The most interesting I found was that, not only did we go to the same HS, but also to the same college. Then we both managed to graduate at the same time with the SAME degree. And yet! I _never_ once saw him in any of my classes. How strange is that! (Did I mention he used to be f’ing hot! And still is!)

Ben and I had out discussion the other day. Honestly, I feel maybe he’s not ready for any sort of _real_ relationship at this point. He kept saying that he just can’t juggle seeing me as much as we have been (about every other day) and that we should cut back on how much we have been going out. He said that he’s spent the last three years as a loner and that he can’t adjust to not having all that time to himself. I honestly think that 2.5 months is more then enough time to adjust. Whatever. I’ll play along and we’ll see what happens.

Last night I went out with Erick again. We had JambaJuice, sat around the beach area and then headed back to his place cause it was getting too cold. We ended up just hanging out and chatting till about 9, it was really fun. But kinda creepy how into cars he is! Will from the ride this past weekend has been calling wanting to hang out as well. But he’s in Boston this weekend, and I’m busy the rest of the week.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot too, in that I need to work on keeping up with the friends I have. The problem here in LA is that everyone keeps themselves so busy, me included. That it’s hard to mesh schedules and just hang out. Everything has to be pre-planned and yet no one wants to commit to anything more then 5 minutes before.

I may be moving soon and not to where you’re all thinking. But I can’t really go into the details. It may either be 1,000 miles from where I am now or 1 mile. Who knows!


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  1. I, too, thought that it was pretty crazy to find out that Andy had done the whole tech thing as well. I found this out sometime last summer and was pretty darned surprised.

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