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Happy Easter!

So this weekend was pretty good. Friday night I didn’t get off work till late so Ben came over to my place and we just watched Hotel Rwanda. It was a good movie, but I could have SWORN I saw it somewhere else before and it ended differently! I’m probably just imaging things. He left after the movie and I went to bed.

Saturday morning I got up and did laundry! What a mess. One of the washers I used wasn’t working right, so it left the thing half full of water and soap and it was a mess, so I had to re-wash all those clothes. Then one of the dryers wasn’t working either, so I had to put those in for an extra 30 minutes. UGH!

After that, I went home and changed and then hurried up to Ben’s place to go to the Getty Villa. That whole day was a mess. Ben just didn’t really say anything and I kept trying to talk to him about things and I’d just get one word answers and it just really annoyed me. So I went home after that and spent the night cleaning and watching The Dick Van Dyke Show. Good times!

Sunday morning I got up and did a quick ride with JC up in WeHo to SM Pier and back. There was this one cute boy on the ride who’s like hard core into running and what not. He’s doing the Boston Marathon this weekend, so we exchanged phone numbers. I googled him when I got home, only to find out he’s semi-famous! That is, in the EV world! haha. Although according to his myspace, he’s vegan! OMG! lol.

After that I went home and tried talking to Ben, but he wasn’t having it. So I just watched more Dick Van Dyke and made wonderful Chicken and rice soooo good! Ben txted me late that night and suggested we have drinks tonight. We’ll see how that goes.

Work today has been slow. I’m covering for the HD evening shift again. Which is always slow and other then that I am waiting on other people to get things done before I can do any of the work that I need to be doing. So I’m mostly waisting time right now and learning things. I was told that they might be moving me into a DBA type position soon. But then, I’ve heard that before.

I’ve always wondered how much caffeine it would take to kill me.


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your experience with hotel rwanda reminds me of when I saw Army of Darkness. drove me nuts. it was only a few years later when i had internet that i found out there were really 2 different endings!

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