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Meri vs Mary

A while back I was listening to Dr Laura again… This woman called in bitching that her name was “Meri” and she was SOOO tired of spelling it. Get over it woman! It’s not a big fucking deal. Do you know how much I have to spell my last name!? My last name is a fucking COLOR for gods sake! AND STILL people need it spelled for them! She said that she wanted to be unique and “herself”, she didn’t like the name her mother gave her. Stupid people.

What American accent do you have?

Your Result: North Central

“North Central” is what professional linguists call the Minnesota accent. If you saw “Fargo” you probably didn’t think the characters sounded very out of the ordinary. Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot.

The Midland
The West
The South
The Inland North
The Northeast
What American accent do you have?
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I know nothing has happened yet and it could be even a YEAR before anything does happen, but I’m already freaking out about this building being sold. I did the math and at the price it’s being sold for. There’s NO WAY you can make money at the current income level (In fact you’d lose about $100k a year). Which means that as soon as it’s sold. We’ll all be outta here. IE Moving again. I started looking today and there’s nothig good. Plus if I move again, the company has already made it clear they would like me back down in the Newport Beach office.

In general I’m not happy here. But I now LOVE where I live. When I was living down there I hated it. I’m not sure I can go back to living down there. Plus then I’d have to go back to making new friends down there, etc etc etc. Plus the cost of moving again. UGH! I hope that he can’t find a buyer. But it really explains a lot. I had an idea back when I moved in that’s probably what he was going to do. But now it’s all confirmed.

This mess also throws a wrench in my plans. I really wanted to get back into school. A language class this spring and then maybe start my MBA this fall. But alas, now I’m not even sure I should go to the spring classes because I might have to up and leave in the middle!

I did talk to my boss yesterday about starting my MBA, he sounded thrilled that I wanted to, and said that the company would be more then willing to work around any school schedule. Just as long as I get my work done.

Last night I watched Little Miss Sunshine and then Nic came over again. We were chatting online and he basically BEGGED to come over. So I allowed it even though I was in my PJs. We hung out and watched Trading Spouses. I can never get over how crazy that show is. I had a good time at least. While we were saying bye, I thought he was going to move in for a kiss. But he didn’t, maybe next time.

I went to bed after he left and someone called me at 10pm. I had applied for this part-time job as a Project Manager in Newport Beach, they were calling me back to do interviews at 10pm! So we talked for a while, it sounds really fun and interesting, but they were just going to require too much time.

The internet here in my Cube has been broken since Saturday AND Sunday when I came into the office. So I’ve been stealing Wireless from somewhere else. It’s very annoying because I called the HD yesterday and they said they would look into it. This was after I’d already wasted two hours waiting for them to get into the office. An hour later they call and say “It should all be working, we can’t find any problems.” So I tell them it’s clearly not working yet and she says she’ll have to talk to her supervisor. Another hour goes by, still nothing. So I talk to my boss and he tells me to just go home. Of course they call like 10 minutes after I leave again saying that they can’t find anything wrong! Clearly they DIDN’T even COME to my cube to see what the problem was! I come in this morning. and it’s STILL NOT WORKING! (Yes, I have access to the INTERNET, but whoever I’m stealing wireless from has VPN blocked, which is what I need to do work. So I can sit here and browse the internet all day, but I can’t do any real work.)

I’m starting to really notice some great differences in my arms and chest from going to the gym. I’m enjoying flexing in the mirror at home. 🙂 I’ve also started picking up running more. I’m doing between 12-15 minutes each day I hit the gym. Which for me is just over a mile of running. The longest I’ve ever ran for in my life! haha. The only problem is that once I hit that time frame I get bored and just stop. Also the last month or so there’s been these three older ladies who go to the gym every MWF just like me.. And EVERY time they go there, it’s the same thing for each machine. “I forget how to do this”…”How much weight are we supposed to use”…”Am I doing this right”. For gods sake, remember people! Write it down, jesus! It’s soo annoying. And then there’s this other REALLY big guy who always wears this really dark sunglasses and spends the whole time talking on his cell phone. Just annoying.

I haven’t heard back from my realtor about the place in Iowa. I’m guessing that’s bad news, or the sellers are just holding out to see if they get a better offer. My dad is heading out this week to look at some more places which based on the numbers look better. But we shall see. One of them is basically next door to my Aunt, that could be a little strange.

MacWorld San Francisco is today. I’m very excited for some of the rumored products. The “iPhone” is cool, and would be revolutionary for the industry, but probably won’t be something I get. The “iTV” on the other hand is something that looks REALLY cool and would totally be something I’d get at the right price and if it integrates into my existing streaming media setup!

I know I’ve complained about this before, that there wasn’t any good Torrent clients for the Mac… Well behold! XTorrent! I LOVE it. It’s still in beta, so I’m hoping they will be adding more features, like IP blocking, file skipping, etc. But it’s a clean and amazing interface. And with the built in search functions! Oh. I’m in heaven. I don’t like that you have to pay for it, but as long as they add the missing features I would gladly pay for it.

Last Wed I went out with this guy Hector to Here (Go read about it). We’ve always hung out as just friends and just to chill. I met him a little under a month ago. Anyways, I talked to him last Thrusday on AIM, and then this weekend I was out and about so didn’t really talk to him. Sunday night I noticed that one of my friends was suddenly awol from myspace. So I start looking around but all the people that I figured would be deleting me were still there (IE Mayko). So I didn’t really pay too much attention. Well Yesterday I go to AIM Hector, it says he’s offline for my main account, but online for my secondary and third AIM accounts.. Very strange. So I check my myspace friends again. He’s gone! WTF?! I txt message him.. “Why did you delete me from myspace and block me from AIM?”… No Reply… So I send him a myspace message.. “what did i do to you to deserve being ignored!?”… NOTHING! Seriosuly what is wrong with people. I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to him. NOTHING AT ALL! We hung out last wed and had a good time, and now he’s completely ignoring me?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! UGH

This friday is Guerrilla Gay Bar. So everyone mark your calendars and come join me!

Sorry for such a long entry! Adios!

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why is that , was telling a lady the other day,that few people ask how to spell my last name now, but when it was the color, everyone asked. I don’t understand it either. how many ways can you spell the color???

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