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Boys Lie!

So last night I was talking to this guy who recently moved here from TN. I was bitching about how I had been talking to this other guy who thought I was crazy that sex was an expression of Love. I had just seen Latter Days again and was on about the whole “Equate sex to a handshake” thing.

Anyways, he was all like. “I totally agree with you, blah blah blah”. So to test him, I got on my fake a4a profile and messaged him: “what up? you ever top?”…. To which he replies. “Hey man, yeah I top, especially for someone hot like you. Do you have myspace or AIM?”.. UGH! Boys.

This weekend has been packed. Mayko actually invited me out to WeHo on Saturday night. I didn’t go.

Friday I hung out with Bryan. Not sure if it was considered a date or not. But who knows. I now LOVE Casa Arigato The two of us ate sushi for only $20.. And I mean a LOT of sushi. Half Price! YAY! After that we drove to the mall, but there were no good movies playing, so we came back to mine and watched one.

Saturday I had a breakfast date, so-so. A lunch meeting, and then a coffee date. So that was fun. Busy!

Sunday I biked 40 miles. Had a date with this guy Nic who’s been bugging me to hang out. He was SOOO cute and so nice!! He’s like 6’4″ and just moved here from OK. Hopefully he and I can hang out again soon. 🙂 I invited him over to just watch a movie cause I was soooo tired. But once the movie was over I was having such a good time, I didn’t want him to leave, so we went out to dinner and then came back to mine. He ended up being there for like 5 hours total. lol.

I finially bought all my shit on After going to two other stores and not finding what I want. Of course online said that the stuff I wanted was in ALL the stores I went too! Bastards.

I found out this weekend that my building and the one next door is for sale. $5 million dollars for just under half an acre of land. Crazyness. The listings say they are for development. Which means they would tear down the buildings here now and rebuild. UGH! So look for me moving soon.

I’m sooo annoyed by this! Anyone wanna go in and buy the place with me? Just need a few more… HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars for the down payment!

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