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  • My Boots! Where are my Boots?!

    I have no idea where my boots are? Or something! Who knows! Most of the same old craziness abounds in my life! Last week was great, Friday we had a wonderful dinner party with Sirin, Kris, Steve and I. Jason was supposed to come, but he was sick. 🙁 we made Tequila Lime chicken and […]

  • Apple, You Are Losing Me!

    Another crazy busy week/weekend! Let’s see. Thursday I had a date, which went pretty good. The guy is Latino and a little different, but we had fun. Went to dinner, talked about random things, had a bottle of wine and watched a movie. He was a nice guy, but probably a bit to immature for […]

  • Wine, Concerts and Climbing!

    What a freaking week! I didn’t even have a night at home till FRIDAY! So Monday, I worked. Nothing exciting there. Projects are going great. I got a call from our Argentina employee saying he couldn’t get onto the VPN. I had him send me a pic of his setup and it was ALL blank! […]

  • Patrick Wolf

    So last night I went out to a concert in LA with Constantine. We saw a guy named Patrick Wolf. He was VERY gay. But also VERY VERY VERY good. Lots of craziness at his concert and lots of energy. Check out the video below… We got there at 8:00 and he didn’t go on […]

  • All My Songs – 2

    So last time it took me over 5 months to listen to all my songs. For some reason this time it only took me 3 months! Last night I got home and did some work. Sat down on the couch to watch a little TV and take a break and then ended up falling asleep. […]